A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

All the world loves a clown; I know I love mine!

Mitchell after a meal
(11 months old)

This photo (minus the Pandora) was up on the big screen in the auditorium as my thirteen-year-old son Mitchell walked across the stage at his grade eight graduation ceremony last week. Needless to say it got quite a few laughs! It's a perfect representation of him, the funny guy - and messy eater! The best part was, he picked the photo himself, which I think illustrates one of his admirable traits: the ability to laugh at himself.

Here are our twins Taylor and Mitchell. My husband could always get them laughing for photos. (6 months old, dressed for their Uncle Kevin's wedding)

Where we live in Canada, children start junior kindergarten when they are three-and-a-half or four-years-old. So to get them ready my twins started going to preschool when they were three; they went to a daycare two days a week. Of course the staff were qualified ECE's (Early Childhood Educators), but they met their match when our two arrived!
One day, when we came to pick up our twins, one of the teachers said, "I've never had to do this before, but I had to ask for help to get these two dressed to go outside!" All the kids had been in the hall, at their cubbies, where they keep their knapsacks and outer wear, and our two were not cooperating. Apparently Mitchell was doing his typical slapstick comedy routine, where he throws himself against the wall and falls down. And Taylor was laughing hysterically and couldn't stop. They had to separate their cubbies. They were only three.
The following September Mitchell and Taylor started junior kindergarten. They spent half the day in the classroom, and the other half in the daycare. Mitchell came home one day and asked what a "card" was. Kind of a weird question. After a few inquiries, we discovered that one of the staff had told him, "Mitchell, you're a card." And it's true. He's a ham, a silly monkey, a goofball, a card. Call it what you will; he's a clown. After you look through these photos, tell me if you agree!
Even before he was a year old, it was clear that Mitchell had a good sense of humour. (almost one year old)

Mitchell and his sister had great imaginations and loved to dress up. Mitchell of course would play the fool. This is my husband's favourite photo of Mitchell! (one year old; in case you're thinking they look older, Taylor and Mitchell walked at 9 and 10 months respectively)

Mitchell could always come up with silly things to do, like get in the kitchen sink. (two-and-a-half years old)

As any self-respecting clown would do, Mitchell worked hard at his face paint! Thank goodness he had a penchant for washable markers. (two-and-a-half years old)

This masterpiece was done right before we were leaving for the Christmas party with the Multiple Birth Families Association. (age: three years old)

And when your clown costume is at the cleaners you need to improvise. Your sister can always help with the parts you can't reach. There are more photos in this series but I will leave that up to your imagination. (three years old)

Mitchell could always get his twin sister into fits of laughter.
(two-and-a-half years old)

You could even see in Taylor's face how silly she thought her brother was. (three-and-a-half years old)

All it took was a cape and a crown - or in pinch, a diaper. (three-and-a-half years old)

And some physical comedy would get Taylor giggling. Those poor daycare staff! (three-and-a-half years old)

Even as they got older, Mitchell could still make Taylor roll her eyes and shake her head - or break into a big smile. Of course she knew to watch him out of the corner of her eye. (almost ten years old)

Mitchell was always ready for "dramatic play" as the daycare called it. All it took was a hat. (two-and-a-half years old)
Or the addition of a few more accessories for Hat and Glasses Day at school.
(four-and-a-half years old)

With a cowboy hat he just needed some chaps and a vest.
(five years old)

Mitchell would even wear an historical outfit, as long as there was a weapon involved. (five-and-a-half years old)

And a new hair-do could transform him completely! (seven-and-a-half years old)

Mitchell was always happy to ham it up in a princess dress. (five years old)

But he was not always happy for someone to take his picture, while wearing a dress. (three-and-a-half years old)

Mitchell was always willing to entertain. Here he's singing a sea chantey in a Nova Scotia fisherman's sou'wester hat. (two-and-a-half years old)

And here he's break-dancing.
(seven-and-a-half years old)

I have learned over the years that it is inevitable, when you want to take a photo, Mitchell will have his mouth open. (almost three)

Pretend to fall asleep.
(four-and-a-half years old)

Pretend to pee in the ocean at Louisburg.
(five-and-a-half years old)

Put his finger up his nose.
(eight-and-a-half years old)

Or stick out his tongue.
(almost ten-years-old)
And even on the day of his graduation ceremony, Mitchell had a goofy grin when I tried to take a photo. Admittedly he was in line for food, so I shouldn't expect too much from a growing teenaged boy. (thirteen-years-old)

What do you think? Does the clown charm represent him well?
Rest assured, he is signed up for Drama in grade 9.
Notice what my clown holds behind his back.
There's that goofy grin.
"My Number One Son" bracelet

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