A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Forever Paris Contest: Ode to Pandora

Pandora recently held a contest on Instagram to win a limited-edition gold Eiffel Tower charm. Fans were asked to, "Share a photo and write why you are a true Pandora fan." I submitted a photo and write-up on five of the six days that the contest ran. And one of my submissions won! This was my entry for June 26.

For your information the contest details are at the end of the post.

Ode to Pandora


I do love you Pandora,
You are always on my mind.
Where's the latest catalogue?
On the nightstand you will find.

Every morning when I wake I think,
"What will I wear today?"
My clothes should match my bracelets
That is the only way!

I have bracelets in every colour,
And a leather one to match.
There's always at least one bangle
In amongst my daily stack.

I tie the cotton cords
And wear them with special charms.
I feel that I am naked
If there's nothing on my arms.

For when I need to know the time,
There's my bracelet with silver beads.
These novelty and animal charms
Tell daily lessons that I need.

All of my Essence charms
Are gifts that I receive.
My husband says, there's always hope
And that helps me believe.

"Curiosity, compassion, faith,"
He says, "I learned from you.
With happiness and trust,
Out of friendship our love grew."

"Health, wellness, and energy,
A peace one that is blue,
These beads represent
All the things I wish for you."

My kids picked out two Essence,
To represent me as a mom.
The affection and dedication are
From my daughter and my son.

A few Essence are from friends,
For the spiritual journey that I'm on.
To represent our friendships.
I love them every one.

I wear all my Essence daily
They're always on my right.
They give me strength and help me
Carry on from morn' 'til night.

There's resilience and wisdom
And on my bracelets you can see,
What I admire about my children,
And what lessons they've taught me.

For mindfulness and meditation,
Pandora meets my needs,
When I say the affirmation
I've attached to every bead.

I even have Pandora
Taped on my bedroom door!
The photos remind me
Of the ones I'm working for.

Pandora is how I express myself.
Each bracelet, a work of art.
Each charm represents a goal I've reached
Right from the very start.

Pandora is my hobby,
In case you're wondering why,
All my photos are of bracelets,
A true Pandora fan am I.

My winning entry

The three dimensional details on this charm are fabulous.
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Here is Pandora's description of the contest:
"To celebrate summer in the city of love, Pandora has created a limited-edition 'Forever Paris' dangle charm, and from June 20 - 26 you can win it in our #PandoraForeverParisContest. Each piece is beautifully crafted from 14K gold and features two diamonds.
"Because they are true collector's items, only 500 have been produced. Each dangle charm is engraved with a unique number (from 1-500) and they are only sold in selected stores in France but we have kept 10 for you!" 
Contest rules were available on Pandora.net.
The charm was valued at 599 € (approximately $860 CDN/$665 USD)

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