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A Few Charms (Banner)

Friday, 29 September 2017

Just call him crazy

I can't believe I haven't done a blog post since June! But I have been thinking about this one since my husband's birthday at the end of June.

I think after seeing these photos and hearing these tales of Mike's pranks and shenanigans you might just agree with me when I say Mike is a pretty "crazy" guy. And you'll see why I added these "crazy" clips to my red "Always and Forever" marriage bracelet. You won't believe Mike's latest caper. It even had my teenaged son saying, "Ewwww."

My family went to see "Wonder Woman" on Father's Day in June, and I took this photo of my husband posing with the emojis. As I shook my head and thought, "What a crazy guy!" I realized I should gather some photos and let you get to know my crazy husband a little better.

Upon meeting my husband, most people think he's quiet, serious, dependable, and level-headed. But those of us who know him well - and that now includes most of my Facebook friends - we know that he's very funny and really just a kid at heart. Mike collects comic books - lots and lots of comic books. He loves LEGO - of course he's into the much more expensive Architect sets. And on Christmas day he puts on every piece of clothing he receives as a gift - all at the same time. Whenever I share a photo of Mike on Facebook it's a photo of him being silly.

When our daughter Taylor needed a photo of both Mike and I for a school project it took a few shots before I could get one of him not being silly.

Mike is known in the neighbourhood as quite the crooner. At the elementary school end-of-year barbeque they used to have karaoke. The first year Mike got up and sang "Copacabana." All the other moms spoke to me afterwards because they were so surprised that this serious quiet guy was such a singer - and more importantly a performer. The following year he sang, "I Will Survive," and in this photo he was singing "Roxanne." He tried to get our twins to be back-up singers but they chickened out at the last minute.

Mike also has the freakish ability to remember the lyrics to almost any song (like those above), or a jingle from an ad. He will also make up his own lyrics to a song. On this occasion, he had us all in stitches after a buffet dinner at the hotel when he sang "Had too much buffet."

When Mike ran the New York City marathon (over 20 years ago now), he ran much of the race beside a guy dressed up in a Gumby costume. So one year, when the Salvation Army had a race on Boxing Day, called the "Santa Shuffle," Mike decided to dress up as Gingy from the Shrek movies. Just like Gumby, he had lots of people cheering him on and many people wanted to take their photo with the famous gingerbread man who ran ran as fast as he can.

Mike's partner in crime was supposed to wear the angry Gingy costume

When Taylor and her friend Jia Qi trained with Mike to do the Colour Run, Mike went out and found something to wear. Because powdered dye is thrown at you during the race he wanted to find something white. He didn't tell the girls what he bought at the thrift store. So when they arrived at the race he made a big production of ripping off his tear-away sweatpants, revealing his full-length white frock. You can tell in this photo that the girls are just a little embarrassed to be seen with this crazy guy. Mike has declared it his mission in life to embarrass our kids.

Mike is always ready to jump in and do things with the kids. I've shared pictures previously of him taking the kids downhill skiing or tubing, but he will also jump on giant pillows, go rock-climbing, zip-lining - you name it. He was even willing to humiliate himself when the kids first tried Just Dance on the WiiU. If you read my story about Games Night you might have seen this video taken while Taylor was trying to make a shot in pool: Is this distracting?

Before our kids were born Mike's office desk was covered in figurines of Superman and other super-heros, as well as characters from The Simpsons. More recently it's been vehicles from the Cars movie, Perplexus, and LEGO mini-figs.

When Mike was moved to a cubicle he said, very sarcastically, that he had enough room for a swimming pool. Didn't one of his staff go and buy him a blow-up kiddie pool! And so, just like people with a pool in their backyard, Mike had an end-of-summer pool-closing party. The kids and I stopped by to check it out.

One year, Mike played a trick on two of his employees. When they returned from holidays their offices were filled with balloons. It took them (he and the other staff) four days to blow up all those balloons. His staff paid him back on his birthday. His office was too big to fill with balloons but they hung balloons from the ceiling, in the doorway, and covered the floor in balloons. They even decorated his desk and gift-wrapped the conference table!

When they took Mike out for a birthday lunch there was a clown that made Mike his very own bowtie and clown nose. It has now become a tradition to do something crazy on Mike's birthday.

The next year on his birthday his staff filled over 500 plastic cups with water and food colouring and completely covered the surface of his desk and the floor.

Last year they had a little get together for Mike's birthday and served him cake made from Pop Tarts and filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans - they know him so well!

When Mike was moved from an enclosed office to a cubicle he realized he didn't have enough room for all his books... or his exercise ball... or his conference table. So he managed to remove a wall between his office and the adjacent cubicle which just happened to be empty . He used his bookshelf as a sliding "hidden door," just like you see in the movies. Only recently, with another reorganization of their offices, Mike did sadly lose that extra space.

Very recently Mike and his staff moved to these new cubicles. One day, he and two of his staff were all talking to each other, each leaning over and peeking out from the doorways of their offices. Mike realized that all the others could see was his head, his lower legs, and his feet. So he wheeled back into his office. Still wearing his shorts, he slipped his jeans over his sneakers and rolled back out so the staff could see him - looking like he's sitting on the can. And that's the reason Mitchell said, "Ewwww!" when I showed him this photo.

Today is the last day for a valued employee who is moving to a different department. Yes, the employee who blew up balloons, filled all those plastic cups, and has been an enabler in the collecting of toys. This morning the kids and I were all shaking our heads when we saw that Mike is wearing all black today, on this day of mourning, when he will have to say goodbye to one of his favourite employees. Why would you want to stop working for this crazy man? Lord love him.

What I stack with my "Always and Forever" bracelet.
The bangle and the "I love you" charm were gifts from our Anniversary in July

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