A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Daddy, do you have time to play? A reflection on Father's Day.

Last year for Father's Day I asked my then 11-year-old twins to each write a card for their dad and tell him what they love about him. I honestly can't remember the first two things my daughter wrote. I think they were something like, "you buy me books" and "you take me to Sugar Mountain (their favourite candy store)." But what stuck with me was the third thing she wrote: "I can always go throw a baseball with you." It just touched me so much.

I never had a baseball glove. I never played baseball as a kid - my mother took us camping all summer. My father wasn't really "there for me." And my father certainly never had the time to throw a ball around with me. In fact when I went to university and played volleyball, the Athletic Director tried to teach me how to throw a ball to improve my spiking! I couldn't even throw a ball across the width of the gym. Yes, I "throw like a girl!"

Apparently there was a study done investigating this expression "throws like a girl." They observed men learning to throw with their non-dominant hand and found that they "threw like a girl." The conclusion being that poor throwing is not really due to gender but lack of practice. Meaning girls need to get more practice!

Taylor in the closest lane running the 100 m.
I do think that some people are going to be more gifted at certain sports. Our son naturally takes to many sports, especially those requiring hand-eye coordination. And honestly, I have to say, our daughter "throws like a girl." She is a phenomenal athlete - doing gymnastics, rock-climbing, track and field, you name it. But... put a ball or a stick in her hand and... well... it's not pretty. But... it is improving... with practice!
Taylor has had her own baseball glove since she was a toddler. And she knows that she can "always go throw a baseball" with her Dad. I am so grateful that my daughter has such an amazing Dad... and that she knows he is always available for her.

The baseball charm, on my "Treasured Hearts" bracelet (all about those whose hearts I "treasure" the most - my husband and kids) represents my husband who is actively engaged with our kids and always "there for them" - for baseball or otherwise.
She is one very lucky little girl.

For Father's Day this year I made an album on Facebook - it's like a slide show with captions. There are pictures of Mike and all the things he has done with the kids over the years - and my thoughts on why he is such a great dad... he does need reminding sometimes.

Happy Father's Day My Love!

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