A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Monday, 9 June 2014

The spark, the passion, and the attraction

The love story continues on "Marriage Mondays."
When my husband and I got back together, after being apart for five years, I told a university friend my exciting news, and I was expecting her to be surprised. But her response was, “there was always a spark between you two.” I was shocked to think that people had noticed that. But it was true. It was always there, and it continues, almost 25 years later. So the “red hot love” seems to be the perfect charm to represent our feelings for each other, and was the starting point for the design of my “Always and Forever” bracelet.

When we first got together we had this running joke about all the things we DIDN’T have in common. He played basketball; I played volleyball. He wanted a cottage; I wanted to go camping. He liked fruit desserts; I liked chocolate (well LOVE chocolate more accurately). But over time we discovered things we did have in common. We both loved Dr. Seuss books as kids. We both loved going to the magazine store. We both loved to read. Now, one of our favourite things to do is lie in bed at night reading, occasionally sharing with the other something we’ve read. And we both love the theatre and going to art galleries. We took our kids to Canada’s national gallery when they could first walk, even though they were under a year old. And Mike would drive around our city pointing out to the kids all the public sculptures and which were his favourites. So when designing my bracelet about our marriage, the da Vinci clip seemed to perfectly represent our common interests in art and literature (you know, because we loved the da Vinci Code books). Of course, more importantly than anything, we had similar upbringings and family values, essential now that we are raising children.

One of the things I do professionally is conduct workshops on Body Image, and one of the things we discuss is, “what makes a person attractive?” and “what do people think is attractive about you?” (It challenges people’s assumption about whether or not they are attractive, and challenges the belief that in order to be attractive you need to be thin) In preparing examples for discussion I asked Mike one time what was attractive about me. His responses were surprising – to me. He said that when I walked into the room I drew people’s attention, but then when I opened my mouth they were captivated. He also said that I was athletic and carried myself with confidence in my body, regardless of my weight or size. So to represent, and REMIND me, that he finds me attractive, captivating even – and remind me that he gives great complements – I have this lovely “captivating red hot” murano on my bracelet.

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