A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Mommy and Daddy need time "just the two of us"

Parenting is hard work, especially co-parenting. I don't think I realized how hard, how tiring, until our twins (11-years-old at the time) were away for a week visiting their cousins, and my husband and I were in Mexico for five days, just the two of us, for a friend's wedding - on the beach.

Taylor and Mitchell flew from Ottawa to Nova Scotia - their first time without an adult. It was still winter in Canada...

... but warm and beautiful in Mexico!

And then we all returned, back to reality, on Monday morning, with lunches to make, agendas to sign, knapsacks to pack, and email to send. This vacation, our "unforgettable moment," will be commemorated with this "palm trees and coconuts" charm.

It was the first time we have both been away from the kids for more than two nights, and our first vacation... just the two of us. We had dinner we didn't have to make ourselves, read books of our own choosing, walked on the beach without carrying someone else's "treasure," swam in the pool without hearing, "Mommy! Daddy! Watch this!" ... and slept the whole night... by ourselves... just the two of us... naked!

This charm, on my "Gift from the Sea" bracelet, will remind me that parenting is hard work, and we deserve vacations (or staycations or date nights) "just the two of us." *cue music*

Grover Washington Jr. "Just the two of us"

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