A Few Charms (Banner)

A Few Charms (Banner)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sheila and Mike's Excellent Anniversary Adventure

To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary last summer, my husband and I took an epic road trip along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. When we returned home I had this "vintage heart" dangle engraved to commemorate this achievement - and our adventure.

We stopped first in the beautiful town of Mahone Bay, famous for its three church steeples. The town has many homes with beautiful architecture, painted wonderful colours. I wonder if it's because the weather is often grey and foggy? We then stopped in the town of Lunenburg for lunch. It's a UNESCO world heritage site, and home to Nova Scotia's iconic racing schooner, the Bluenose II. In Lunenburg there were more colourful heritage homes. I would have taken more photos if I hadn't been encumbered by wearing an air cast on my injured ankle, but here is a sampling.

One architectural feature that is prominent along the South Shore is this rounded dormer over the front door; sometimes there is also a rounded part on the first floor around the door. A local Pandora friend tells me these are called the "Lunenburg bump." I've never seen this anywhere else.

After lunch we took a ferry across the LeHave River and explored a number of beaches. There was Green Bay where we had hoped to search for sea stars but it was high tide. And we found the sound of the surf at Beach Meadows was hypnotic.

And then there was Carter's Beach, where I tried my best to capture its beauty. It had rained so you can't really tell in the pictures how white the sand is, and without much sun it was hard to get a photo of the turquoise colour of the water. We will take our kids with us this summer and see if we have better weather.

One of my friends, who recommended these hidden jewels, says these beaches in the Port Mouton area are the best in the world! But my husband says the beach in his father's hometown of Lockeport is nicer. The jury is still out since we couldn't drive that far in one day. But we have booked a cabin on the beach for this weekend and we will bring the kids with us; maybe we'll come back with the verdict.

Our last stop was Summerville Beach. We had our anniversary dinner in the building on the far right.

We ate on the "deck" which sits OVER the rocks and is floor to ceiling windows. Nothing like eating your dinner to the sounds of crashing waves and watching the tide go out, right under your feet.

For our celebration dinner I had the plank salmon, and Mike, the chicken linguini. Mike is allergic to shellfish, and doesn't like salmon, so I often get it when we are in Nova Scotia, where fresh fish and seafood abound. Cheers to 20 more years!

The "vintage heart" dangle - engraved with the "20" - is the centrepiece of this two-tone bracelet I call "Vintage Charm." It is filled with retired (aka "vintage") two-tone charms that I have slowly collected over the last few years. A special bracelet, a special charm, a special day, and a special anniversary.

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